MLB Hitter explains “Turning The Barrel” (with Antonelli Baseball)

In this video, Matt Antonelli Major League Middle Infielder for the Padres and creator of the Antonelli Baseball YouTube Channel, swings by and talks about what he calls Turning The Barrel. The first time I ever heard the term turning the barrel was on the Antonelli Baseball YouTube channel and I had to get Matt on my channel to explain more about these baseball hitting mechanics. We talk a lot about swing plane, bat path, bat speed, and so much more in this swing mechanics video. So if you’re interested in learning more about how to swing a baseball bat the right way, definitely give this video a watch to the end because he’s got a great hitting drill for you to work on turning the barrel that he talks about towards the end of this video. I don’t want you to miss that. You can check out his channel Antonelli Baseball here…



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